Hailing from a family of business people, I grew up witnessing a steady stream of up-scaling of work and internationalization of the trade. Fascinated with the automation within my father’s office, I also dabbled with the computers, first playing games as a child, and then trying my hand at simple functionalities. Slowly I grasped the importance of both, the need for computer-enabled processes, and an astute understanding of global perspectives and paradigm shifts in the way cross border businesses are conducted, sustained and grown.

Hi there! I’m a Supply Chain Analyst, Project leader & Manager , and this is my website. I am a Computer Science Engineer and my masters is in Management Science with concentration in Supply Chain from University of Texas at Dallas.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ― Nelson Mandela

My dean re-quoted me. He told me my thirst for knowledge, dedication towards my work and my innovative ideas reminded him of this. It was the result of these motivational words that inspired me to work on some innovative and lifesaving projects such as IoT based home automation and automatic flood detection system. These projects were also appreciated by the local community, government organizations, and media.

 My undergrad curriculum has introduced me to a diverse subject combination that has espoused my love for Math and applied science and opened up a universe of endless application possibilities of this amazing field of study. I have learned more than 35 modules including DBMS, Data Structure, Operating System, System Engineering, Computer Networking, Programming, and Cyber Security. Through these, I have imbibed valuable knowledge on complex data structures, software and algorithms, operating systems and their relevance, programming languages, and coding.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in the management field. This techno-managerial combination always gives me the upper hand in both the domains as they are very much linked to each other.

At University of Texas, Dallas , I had opportunity to select courses from various fields that gave me a dynamic exposure and various perspectives to understand them properly. My courses include International Business Management, Database foundation, Accounting for managers, Spreadsheet Modelling, Business Analytics with R, Statistics and International Marketing. I am specializing in Supply chain management and my subjects include supply chain strategy, Purchasing sourcing and contract management, Project Management , Global logistics.

I am also Graduate Teaching assistant at School of Management, UTD.